June 2009

Board Minutes - June


The regular scheduled meeting of the Board of Education of School District 165 was held in the cafeteria of Carbondale Community High School, 1301 East Walnut Street, Carbondale, Illinois, on Thursday, June 18, 2009 at 7:00 p.m.

Upon roll call, the following members were present: Kathy Booziotis, Kenneth Hughes, Robert Brewer, William Sherwood, Mike Durr, Francis Tsung and Linda Flowers. Also present were: Steven R. Sabens, Stephen Murphy, Steve Kosco and Crystal Swan-Gravatt. President Brewer declared a quorum present and the regular scheduled meeting of June 18, 2009 was called to order.

Minutes: The minutes of the regular meeting of May 21, 2009 were approved as distributed.

Correspondence: The Board received the Science Department Newsletter for their review.

Payment of Bills: Motion by Flowers, seconded by Hughes, to pay the remaining bills for the month of May, 2009; and, those available for payment for the month of June, 2009. Roll Call: Booziotis, Brewer, Durr, Flowers, Hughes, Sherwood and Tsung voted yes. Nay, none. Motion carried.

Committee Reports: Motion by Durr, seconded by Booziotis, to approve the committee reports/recommendations on the Handbooks, Wellness/Fitness and Title I School-Wide Plan, as presented:

1. Handbooks--Recommend Board of Education approval of the 2009-10 Student-Athlete Handbook and the 2009-10 Parent/Teacher/Student Handbook with the proposed changes as presented.

2. 2009-10 Wellness/Fitness--Approval of the payment of $10.00 per month or the actual cost of the program (if less than $10.00 per month) to each District 165 employee participating in an approved physical fitness program for the 2009-10 school year.

3. School Improvement--Approval of the Title I School-Wide Plan as presented.

Roll Call: Brewer, Durr, Flowers, Hughes, Sherwood, Tsung and Booziotis voted yes. Nay, none. Motion carried.

Prevailing Wage Resolution: Motion by Durr, seconded by Sherwood, to adopt the Annual Prevailing Wage Resolution as presented. Roll Call: Durr,Flowers, Hughes, Sherwood, Tsung, Booziotis and Brewer voted yes. Nay, none. Motion carried.

Approval of 2009-2010 School Fees: Motion by Hughes, seconded by Durr, to approve the following school fees for the 2009-2010 school year: Student Registration $28.00; Driver Education Fee $20.00; Student Lunch, Regular $1.50;Student Lunch, Reduced $0.40; Student Breakfast, Regular $1.00; Student Breakfast, Reduced $0.30; Student Milk$0.25; Adult Lunch $2.00; Adult Breakfast $1.50; Adult Milk $0.25. Roll Call: Flowers, Hughes, Sherwood, Tsung, Booziotis, Brewer and Durr voted yes. Nay, none. Motion carried.

Employment of Personnel: Motion by Durr, seconded by Tsung, to approve the indicated action regarding the following personnel as presented:

a. Jane Rendon, Part-time (3/6-time) Spanish Teacher--Ms. Rendon will be employed as a part-time (3/6-time) Spanish teacher for the 2009-10 school year. Ms. Rendon’s education and experience will place her at line 0, column BA/BS+24 on the teacher salary schedule (prorated at 3/6-time).

b. Michelle Stevens, Part-time (4/6-time) Business Teacher--Ms. Stevens will be employed as a part-time (4/6-time) business teacher for the 2009-10 school year. Ms. Stevens’ education and experience will place her at line .5, column BA/BS on the teacher salary schedule (prorated at 4/6-time).

c. Stacey Massie, Full-time Science Teacher--Ms. Massie will be employed as a full-time science teacher for the 2009-10 school year. Ms. Massie’s education and experience will place her at line 5, column BA/BS+24 on the teacher salary schedule.

d. Jennifer Gilbert, Secretary to the Guidance Coordinator--Ms. Gilbert will be employed as the Secretary to the Guidance Coordinator, a full-time 12-month position, effective June 19, 2009. Ms. Gilbert’s rate of pay will be $9.87 per hour at 37.5 hours per week.

e. Extra-Duty/Extended-Time Personnel--Personnel as presented: Intramural Director: Michelle Thomas (1/2 stipend) and Luanne Brown (1/2 stipend); Wellness Coordinator: Kim Wheeler (2/3 stipend), Jennifer Wilson (1/3 stipend); Lifesavers: Kim Wheeler (1/7 stipend), Suzanne Asaturian (1/7 stipend), Terica Doyle (1/7 stipend), Kyle Povolish (1/7 stipend), Amy Prudencio (1/7 stipend) and Connie Morgan (1/7 stipend); Student Senate: Connie Morgan; Key Club: Carrie Mueller (1/2 stipend) and Jamie Hogue (1/2 stipend); Assistant Speech: Amy Hanselman (1/3 stipend) and Kit Ryan (1/3 stipend); Freshman Class: Suzanne Asaturian; Sophomore Class: Leigh Taylor; Junior Class: Brandi Jones; Assistant Junior Class: Erin Sagaskie; Senior Class: Lindy Loyd; Theatre—Fall Play: Amy Hanselman (1/3 stipend) and Kit Ryan (1/3 stipend); Theatre—Spring Musical: Carlyn Zimmermann (1/4 stipend), Erik Berrey (1/4 stipend), Greg Townsend (1/4 stipend), Gloria Jones (1/8 stipend) and Connie Morgan (1/8 stipend); Terrier Times Newspaper: Jennifer Wilson; Scholar Bowl:Sharon Lorinskas (2/3 stipend) and Judy Major (1/3 stipend); WYSE/Math Team: Gary Rodvelt (1/4 stipend), Ruth Johnson (1/2 stipend) and Cindy Donoghue (1/4 stipend); Model U.N./Youth & Government: Daron Absher; Dance Team: Carlyn Zimmermann; Art Club: Gloria Jones; Aware Club: Michelle Buchheit; Chess Club: Helen Bottje;FBLA Club: Ryan Boone; FCCLA Club: Sandy Jordan (1/2 stipend) and Catherine Jerrells (1/2 stipend); French Club: Robin Gross; German Club: Sharon Lorinskas; Spanish Club: Maria Taylor; History Club: Eric Hanson; Imagination-in-Motion Club: Danny Wilson; NHS Club: Mike Dollins; Science Club: Mike Dollins; Thespians Club: Erik Berrey; GIO (Global Initiative Organization): Julie Peterson; Peer Mediation Club: Terica Doyle.

f. 2009-10 Cooperative Education Student Workers and OJT Student Workers--Students as presented: Extended Summer Employment for 2008-09 Cooperative Education Student Workers--Sarah Allison, Jacee Butcher, Heather Hoffmann, Haleigh Spradley and Jasmine Wooley; 2009-10 Cooperative Education Student Workers--Kendall Bell, Don Bryant, Kendell Edwards, Courtney Flowers, Jariah Henderson, Jeena Koonce (effective June 8, 2009), Alexa Miller, Allison Ragan, Katlyn Spradlin, Eddie Umana and Melissa Yancey; 2009-10 OJT Student Workers--Greg Bell, Tevin Brown, Janae Curtis, Bobby Klump, Shanikka Love, Marcel Martin, Devonte Moore, Jerome Webb, Robert Wilson and TBN.

g. Summer School Personnel--Timothy Davis: Behind-the-Wheel Driver Education

Roll Call: Hughes, Sherwood, Tsung, Booziotis, Brewer, Durr and Flowers voted yes. Nay, none. Motion carried.

Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 7:18 p.m.