Arnold Taylor

Arnold Taylor

Foreign Language Department

Class Schedule:
Room J108 Lunch A
Phone: Ext. 313

Early Bird: Spanish 3 & Honors Spanish 3

  1. Honors Spanish 3
  2. Bilingual Education
  3. Terrier Time
  4. English as a Second Language
  5. Honors Spanish 3
  6. Prep Period
  7. Department Chair

Extracurricular Activities:

  • International Club

Educational Background:

  • A.S. John A. Logan College
  • B.A. Southern Illinois University
  • B.S. Southern Illinois University
  • M.A. Southern Illinois University
  • M.S. Southern Illinois University

Employment History:

Sitios Web:

Study Spanish

Spanish Websites

Enchanted Learning

Illinois Secretary of State

Más Sitios:

US Department of State

FYI: Automotive Information