August 2018 School Board Minutes

Link to Video of August 16, 2018, Board of Education Meeting:


The regular meeting of the Board of Education of School District 165 was held in the cafeteria of Carbondale Community High School, 1301 East Walnut Street, Carbondale, Illinois, on Thursday, August 16, 2018, at 7:00 p.m.

Upon roll call, the following members were present:

Kathy Booziotis                      Christopher Swims

Linda Flowers                         Julie VanWinkle

Joe Hudgins                            Brian Woodard

The following member was absent: Francis Tsung

Also present were:     

Stephen Murphy                     Ryan Thomas 

Donna Fager  

President Woodard declared a quorum present and the regular scheduled meeting of August 16, 2018, was called to order.

Approval of Minutes: Motion by Booziotis, seconded by Swims, to approve the minutes of the regular scheduled meeting of July 19, 2018.  Roll call: Booziotis, Flowers, Hudgins, Swims, VanWinkle and Woodard voted yes. Nay, none. Motion carried.

Old Business: None

Introduction of New Faculty: Ryan Thomas introduced the new faculty members to the Board: 

Dawn Bassett, Social Studies Teacher

Charles Buss, Social Studies Teacher

Ethan Graham, Dean of Students

Meriam Lahlou, French Teacher

Charles May, English Teacher

President Woodard welcomed the faculty members on behalf of the Board of Education.


Public Comments: None


Payment of Bills: Motion by Swims, seconded by Flowers, to pay the remaining bills for the month of July 2018; and, those available for payment for the month of August 2018. Roll call: Flowers, Hudgins, Swims, VanWinkle, Woodard and Booziotis voted yes.  Nay, none.  Motion carried.


Superintendent’s Report: Mr. Murphy reported the following information to the Board:  


Start of School

CCHS had an amazing start to the school year. He said there had been an   effort over the summer to “freshen up” the facilities (new signs, banners, paint, etc.) and that it seemed like the overall feeling in the building was very positive. The security changes limiting the number of entrances seemed to be well received. He said the changes in the Dress Code this year may have contributed to the positive environment. 


He said the enrollment is larger than it has been in ten years. This is mostly due to an extremely large freshman class. Normally the freshman class enrollment is 250-260. This year it is 298 and it could increase. (He said he believes this class is an anomaly because there does not appear to be a large 8th grade class at any of the feeder schools.) The increased freshman numbers may necessitate some additional sections of freshman             classes that may need to be covered with overloads.


Summer Projects

He said the roof replacement had gone very well and was complete other than some of the metal trim. Due to some unforeseen issues with the structural steel, the E-Wing stairwell replacement will not be completed until September.


He advised that there is a new sound system in the gym. He said school personnel will be completing training on the system.


We are waiting on equipment from the supplier to install the buzzer systems at the doors. These should be installed by the end of the month. Currently the Hall Monitors are stationed at the entrances just as they have been in the past. In addition, some timed locking mechanisms and new doors on the back side of campus are being installed.


Quotes are being received for a new storage unit on the west side of campus, which will include a bathroom that could be used by tennis.



In addition to the Superintendent’s Report, Mr. Murphy also gave a brief goals update for the start the new school year.



The district ended the year strongly in the black and the financial profile score from the Illinois State Board of Education is a 4.0 out of 4.0. Looking to this year, potential goals in this area involve forming/expanding a committee to evaluate facility needs in relation to the County School Facilities Tax. He said the district is budgeting for $750,000 in revenue from the CSFT this year. He is also investigating options for the Board to sell bonds against this revenue if it so desires.



The district had two social studies teaching position openings this summer. We received 25 applicants: 23 White, 1 African-American, and 1 Nonresponse. The African-American applicant was offered the position but turned it down for a position at CES District 95. The district had one English teaching position opening this summer. We received 12 applicants: 10 White, 1 Asian, and 1 Nonresponse. The Asian applicant was the strongest applicant and he was employed.


The district had an Assistant Principal/Dean of Students position opening this summer. We received 18 applicants, 13 White, 3 African-American, and 2 Nonresponse. Several of the applicants were not qualified for the position. CCHS Social Studies Teacher, Ethan Graham, was employed. 


He said potential goals in this area include pursuing a partnership with SIU to grow our own teacher candidates. He said the teacher shortage in Illinois and at the national level is approaching a crisis situation, and the shortage is disproportionally impacting minority applicants.

Public Relations

The Board approved an intergovernmental agreement to partner with CES District 95 to share a Communications Director. He said the partnership appears to be off to a great start and that the district should actively monitor the performance of the position, and the direction of the partnership in the future.


Curriculum/Federal and State Initiatives

He said the accountability measures in the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) will be incorporated this year. There are four designations for Illinois schools under the act: Exemplary, Commendable, Underperforming, and Lowest Performing.


The ISBE has not officially released the designations; however, they have notified the Underperforming and Lowest Performing schools of their status, and CCHS was not notified. It appears CCHS will be designated as Commendable.  Future goals should             incorporate factors that will keep us in the Exemplary/Commendable designations.


Separate from the School Report Card, ISBE is focusing this year on exclusionary discipline rates. Recent legislation appears to mandate that districts in the top 20% statewide in the following categories submit improvement plans: Suspension Rate, Expulsion Rate, Racial Discrepancy. In 2017, CCHS was in the top 20% for Suspension Rate, but not Expulsion Rate or Racial Discrepancy. Internally, the administration is discussing strategies to limit exclusionary discipline, and will report to the Board as ISBE updates the data for 2018.


Introduction of Communications Director: Mr. Murphy introduced the new CES District 95 Communications Director, Stephanie Esters, to the Board.  President Woodard welcomed Ms. Esters on behalf of the Board of Education.


Elius Reed - Public Comment : Elius Reed addressed the Board regarding the Marion Apprenticeship Training Program that was conducted on July 13, 2018, at the Marion Training Center.  Mr. Reed asked why CCHS did not send students to the program.    


Mr. Murphy said that CCHS did not send students to the program because it has not been approved by higher education yet.  He said he will be meeting with Regional Office of Education representatives and John A. Logan College to see if the program can be approved for CCHS students in the future.


Bids and Quotes: None          


Presentation of the 2018-19 Tentative Budget for Public Display: Motion by Flowers, seconded by Booziotis, to receive the tentative budget for the 2018-19 school year, place it on display for the public at the district office, the high school office, and the Carbondale Public Library, and to hold a public hearing on Thursday, September 20, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. in the high school cafeteria.  Roll call:  Hudgins, Swims, VanWinkle, Woodard, Booziotis and Flowers voted yes.  Nay, none. Motion carried.


Approval of 2018 August Graduates: Motion by Hudgins, seconded by Booziotis, to approve the following students

for official graduation on August 16, 2018:  Joshua Alexander, Robert Bass, Analise Griffith, Steven Han, Carter Korte, Dylan Loverude, Dalton Mayberry, Kaliyah Parker, Roswell Peinada, Cameron Ray, Jahmai Salley, Makayla Smith, Levonte Sutton and David Tsung. Roll call: Swims, VanWinkle, Woodard, Booziotis, Flowers and Hudgins voted yes.  Nay, none. Motion carried. 


PA 96-0434/PA 97-0609 Compensation Report FY18: The Board received a copy of the PA 96-0434/PA 97-0609 Compensation Report FY18 for their review.


Report on Admin./Teacher/Teacher Aide Salary & Benefits FY18: The Board received a copy of the Report on Administrator/Teacher/Teacher Aide Salary and Benefits FY18 for their review.


Resignations: Motion by Swims, seconded by Hudgins, to accept the following resignations as presented: a. Resignation of Mary Jo Peterson (Rebound Transition Counselor) effective July 18, 2018 as presented. Roll call: VanWinkle, Woodard, Booziotis, Flowers, Hudgins and Swims voted yes.  Nay, none. Motion carried.


Employment of 2018-19 Personnel: Motion by Swims, seconded by Flowers, to employ the following 2018-19

personnel as presented:


a. Groundskeeper--Eric Fowler as a Groundskeeper (a full-time 12-month position) for the 2018-19 school year, at the rate of $15.00 per hour, contingent upon the renewal of his Illinois Pesticide License. 


b. Extra-Duty/Extended-Time Personnel—Personnel as presented:

Assessments Coordinator: Terri Goodin: $2,250.00                                                 

LifeSaver Advisor: Kim Wheeler: $471.57, Amy Prudencio: $471.57, Kyle Povolish: $471.57, Jessie Anderson: $471.57, Stacey Massie: $471.57, Jeff Hansen: $471.57 and Greg Storm: $471.57

Scholar Bowl Advisor: Sharon Lorinskas: $2,750.50 and Justin Merriman: $2,750.50                       

WYSE/Math Team Advisor:  Mike Dollins: $574.50, Gary Rodvelt: $861.75 and Jason Perry: $861.75

Imagination-in-Motion Club Sponsor: John Gund: $347.00

Head Boys Basketball Coach: Jim Miller $9,355.00

Head Volleyball Coach:  Fae Ragan: $8,249.00                                                                   

Head Softball Coach:  Kim Wheeler: $6,054.00                                                                   

Boys Bowling Coach: Jarrod Ritter: $4,401.00                                                                     

Girls Bowling Coach: Jarrod Ritter: $2,200.50 and Kaylan Talley: $2,200.50

Spring Weight Room Supervisor:  Jim Miller: $2,200.50    


c. Driver Education Behind-the-Wheel Teachers—Personnel as presented: Mike Butler, Krystal Emrick,          Jeff Hanson, Greg Storm and Kim Wheeler


d. Rebound Grant Personnel

--Employment is contingent on the availability of grant funds.

--Employment Period: August 14, 2018 – July 31, 2019. Hours will be reduced during the summer or until adequate student enrollment is achieved.

--Personnel: Denise Diliberto, Social Studies Facilitator--17.5 Hrs./Week @ $16.00/Hr.


Roll call: Woodard, Booziotis, Flowers, Hudgins, Swims and VanWinkle voted yes.  Nay, none.  Motion carried. 


2018-19 Volunteer: Motion by Swims, seconded by Booziotis, to approve the following 2018-19 volunteers: Patricia Burkhardt-Cripps: Soccer; Aaron Kline: Boys Soccer and Jacob Earll: Football. Roll call: Booziotis, Flowers, Hudgins, Swims, VanWinkle and Woodard voted yes. Nay, none. Motion carried.


2018 Fall Sports Schedule: The Board received the 2018 Fall Sports Schedule in their Board packet.


2019 School Board Election: The Board received a copy of the memo sent to Jackson County Clerk Larry Reinhardt regarding the Board of Education member terms expiring in 2019 in their Board packet.


2018 Athletic Hall of Fame Weekend: The 2018 Carbondale Terriers Athletic Hall of Fame Weekend will be August

24-25, 2018.  Friday, August 24, at 7:00 p.m. is the Terriers vs. Red Devils Football Game.  Saturday, August 25, at 6:00 p.m. in the Hall of Fame Induction Dinner at the Carbondale Civic Center.


September Board of Education Meeting: The September Board of Education meeting will be Thursday, September 20, 2018, at 7:00 p.m. in the cafeteria.


Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 7:52 p.m.