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Student Management System Review

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STI Assessment

United Streaming

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Websites: Data Portal

Carbondale Elementary Internet Safety Page

Internet Safety Information

Safe Surfing Site for CCHS

Interactive Board Information:

SmartBoard Demo Video                    Website

Hitachi Starboard Demo Video            Website

Promethean Demo                               Website

Workshop Evaluation and CPDU Form

CPDU Information and point values for Standard Certificates

CPDU Information and point values for Initial Certificates

Quick Reference Guides

Microsoft Office 2007
Microsoft Word 2007
Microsoft Excel 2007
Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
Microsoft Access 2007
Microsoft Outlook 2007
Microsoft Publisher 2007
Microsoft FrontPage 2003
Microsoft SharePoint
Microsoft Visio

EETT Teacher Plan & Survey
Put in your name as you complete the survey.

Teacher Technology Surveys 
Teacher Tech Surveys (4 parts) on data portal:  Directions:

Step 1: Navigate to the Illinois Data Portal
Step 2: Click the login button on the right side of the page
Step 3: Using your teacher level login and password, login to the site
  Your login is your CCHS e-mail, like
  Your password is:  cchs165  (same for everyone)
Step 4: Click on the Data Collection Tab
Step 5: The links to the 4 survey sections are located under
Faculty/Staff Tools. Just click on the link and the survey
will open in another window.
Step 6: Complete each section and click the Submit
button at the bottom of the page or Continue to next survey.

Websites from workshops:

Skype -  Free video conferencing

To join Skype in the classroom, teachers can take these steps:

1) Sign up at using their Skype account details

2) Create a profile which includes their interests, location and the age groups they teach

3) Explore the directory to find projects, teachers and resources that match their skills, needs or interests

Jing  - Free screencasting software    - Video hosting site

Animoto - Video slideshow with music

Khan Academy - Video lessons on many subjects

Wolfram Alpha - Computational knowledge engine

Poll Everywhere - Instant Audience Feedback system

Google Docs - Edit documents online

Twitter - Follow leaders in professional development

NovemberLearning - Educational resources from Alan November

twiducate - Social networking for schools

Diigo - Online bookmarking site

Delicious - Online bookmarking site

JayCut - Free online video editor

TeacherTube  - Video community for education

Vimeo - Video sharing site

More Web 2.0 Resources at:


Teach42  - Steve Dembo Site
iPad resources:
YouTube Storytelling:     Top websites

Wordle - Create word clouds

Qwiki - Multimedia information search

ViMP - Video Media hosting

WordPress - Blog tool and publishing platform

CoolCatTeacher  - Blog with teaching ideas

iFontMaker - Create own font for iPad

ReelDirector - Video editor for iPad

Virtuoso Piano  Free Piano App for iPad

Livenotes - notetaking software with sound - Video hosting site

Weber Tube - Weber School Video Site

Google Wave - Communication & Collaboration tool

Auto-Tune the News - YouTube videos using real news

Teaching with Music - Lodge McCammon website

Photo Peach  - Slideshows with quiz options

PostPost  - Newspaper format of information at Twitter or Facebook

UJam  - Create music with your words and many options

Tripline - Do Google trip with added images and music - Newspaper style for bookmarks

Prezi - Online freeform presentation tool

Students - Technology Survey and the Sports Survey
 Parents: Parent Technology Survey
 Anyone in the Carbondale Community: Community Technology Survey