1st Semester PBIS Winners



Joseph Anglin - Tablet and tablet cover

Jerica Bayles - CCHS basket

Bilal Sawar - CCHS basket

Michelle Hergert - Yearbook

Darrion Brown - Yearbook

Savannah Stanton - CCHS Sweatshirt

Aidan Skiles - CCHS Sweatshirt

Amberlyn Kapusta - AMC gift basket

Danny Lai - Family video gift basket

Marcella Savy - Walmart gift card


These students had no referrals and good attendance for the first semester.  Congratulations and Keep Up the Great Work!!!  Remember all students can win if you follow the Terrier Traits.

PBIS Weekly Competition Winners

Week Ending 12/16/16

Kelsey Willis

Aurora Schuler

Maggie Bathgate

Katelyn Martin

Brian Kelley


Prizes are a free basketball admission and $4 concession. 

Week Ending 12/9/16

Aurora Schuler
Chaelynn Harris
Natalie Beard
Eduardo Amador-Vasquez
Jarel Hampton

Prizes are free basketball admission, $4 concession, and a Free Float for December 16th courtesy of the National Honor Society.

Week Ending 12/2/16


Seungjoo Moon

Andrew Burke

Kezia Gadsden

Nicholas Mechler

Tabatha Cook


Prizes are a Free Cardio Day,  Free Donut from Dunkin' Donuts and a snack.

Week Ending 11/18/16

Abigail Crider-William
Nayeli Gomez
Stephen Grant
Lacaje Hill
Anya Copeland

They have won a free shake from Arby's and a "get out of Cardio day" compliments of the PE department

Week Ending 11/10/16
Kamal Wan
Divya Reddy
Nicolas Torres
Katy Miles
Gary Michael Russell

Week ending 11/4/16:

Roberto Meza
Adam Mays
Anna Kristiansen
Cassandra Brooks

Prizes are a front of the line pass and 2 free slices of pizza from the November 18 pizza fundraiser.