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2nd Semester Weekly Winners

Week Ending 4/7/17:

Sarah Petrowich

Mason Elugbadebo

Gabe Heinzel

Tyreece Cobb

Diamond Norwood


Prizes include $5 McDonald Gift Card and Dairy Queen coupon

Week Ending 3/31/17

Ryleigh Vaughn

Shaquiown Oats

Sarah Pitafi

Regina DeDecker

Johnpaul Golla

Prizes are a slice of pizza for April 7th,

Dairy Queen Coupon, and

Dunkin Donut Coupon.

Week Ending 3/24/17

Annabelle Staples

Robin Thompson

Florian Hoffman

Rachel Kroner

Eric Stanwood


Prize is a $5 gift card from McDonald's.

Week Ending 3/9/17:

Elise Jones

Sierra Springhorn

LaRue Love

Gillian Collie

Jaylen Cooper


Prizes are tickets to Mr. CCHS and a Dairy Queen coupon.

Week Ending 2/24/17:

Rea Yoh

Rachel Burke

Archer Williams

Kyra McVicker

Dustin McDowell


The prizes are Free Cardio Day and NHS Float 

Week Ending 2/17/17:

Hannah Frisch

Shelby Popejoy

Chanceler Brown

Alejandro Jimenez

Moiz Alam


Prizes are Talent Show Tickets and an Arby's Coupon

Week Ending 2/10/17:

Sydney Simpson

Carson Adkins

Cheyanne Ramsey

Markayla Coplin

Noah Frank


Prizes are Talent Show Tickets and Arby's Coupon.

Week Ending 2/3/17:

Austin Helbock

Myranda Holton

Cameron Caffey

Regina Dedecker

Maxwell Davis


Prizes are free basketball admission, $4 concession and coupon for a free Dunkin Donut.  No tardies was what we were looking for this week.

Week Ending 1/27/17

Jason Kovacs
Mekhi Thomas
Tanyiah Britton

Alyssa Gray

Shams Khazil

They have won free admission to the basketball game and free concession stand food. 

Week Ending 1/20/17

Taha Alam
Rasheia Brown
Eric Stanwood
Andraya Hack
Lacaje Hill
Prizes are a free basketball ticket, $4 concession stand coupin and a free Dunkin Donut.