Athletic Hall of Fame

Carbondale Community High School
Athletic Hall of Fame

In order for the traditions of the past to benefit the programs of the future, Carbondale Community High School instituted an Athletic Hall of Fame. The purpose of the CCHS Athletic Hall of Fame is to select and honor outstanding athletes who have distinguished themselves in athletic endeavors, coaches who have contributed to the development of these athletes, teams who by their record on the playing field have provided CCHS with lasting leadership. In addition, outstanding fans who have shown their loyalty to the various teams will be honored.

2014 Video

Lisa Knowlton-Mason
Johnny Fayne
Russ Martin
Bob Pankey
Seth Smith
Caitlin Chrisman-Bullock
Lynn Howerton
John Reno
Chris Phillips
Shelly Gibbs-Webb
Joe Hamilton
Gordon Welch
Mike Langan
Mike Petrone
Louis Shovan

Vern Pollock
John Cherry
Greg Kline
Doug Woolard
Reid Martin
Gary Holda
TEAMS: 1960 Football, 1966-67 Basketball, 1978 Volleyball

2012 Video
Mel Brewer
Scotty Gill
Lynn Holder
Bill Ellis
John Langan
Joe Hall
Larry Kristoff
Jay Lovelace
Ron Acks
Les Taylor
Tony Bleyer
Chris Brewer
Mary Maxwell
Rachelle Hayes
Craig Bardo
Stephen Bardo
Bridget Koster
Dorothy Buchannan
Dan Cross
Troy Hudson
Gus and Della Wese

Frank Bleyer
Jennifer Stanley
Frank Bridges

1934-35 Football Team
1937-38 Football Team


The Carbondale Community High School Athletic Hall of Fame is intended to honor those persons who have greatly contributed to the success and history of Terrier Athletics. Living or deceased alumni, former coaches and longtime supporters of the athletic program at CCHS are eligible. Alumni are eligible 10 years after his/her graduation from CCHS. Entire teams are eligible to be inducted en masse into the Hall of Fame. The number of selections for the Hall of Fame each year is at the discretion of the selection committee. The CCHS Hall of Fame selection committee encourages you to submit a nomination form, found below.


Nomination Forms:
PDF Format Open and print the document to be completed by hand.
Word format Using this format, you can save the file to your computer and type in the information using a word processor.

To open or save a document:

  • If you left click on the link for a file, you will get an option to OPEN or SAVE the file.
  • If you right click on the file name, you will see the option to OPEN or SAVE TARGET AS.

Please return completed form to:
CCHS Athletic Hall of Fame
c/o Athletic Director
1301 E. Walnut St.
Carbondale, IL 62901
Fax: (618) 351-9603
Phone: (618) 457-3371 Ext. 212

Note: There is no direct on-line submission available. You must save the word document, type in appropriate information and save again, then attach it to an e-mail to submit electronically.