Erinn Murphy

Erinn Murphy
College & Career Readiness Counselor
Department Chair

Toni Ruiz

Toni Ruiz
Seniors - Class of 2018

Lori Koester

Lori Koester
Juniors - Class of 2019


Franciene Sabens
Sophomores - Class of 2020


Krista Smith
  Freshmen - Class of 2021

Amy Prudencio

 Amy Prudencio
School Social Worker

Brittany DeVantier
Counseling Secretary



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Through a comprehensive and developmental approach the school counselor’s role at CCHS is to foster personal responsibility
in students as they work toward becoming productive and successful 21st-century citizens. This role is fulfilled through individual,
group and classroom activities related to each student’s academic, personal, career and post-secondary needs and goals.

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