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These are the finished student projects. All but one are PowerPoint presentations, and other one (#6) is a video created with Windows Movie Maker II. The items listed after each topic are the general instructions and ideas to use when completing that project. Some adjustments had to be made during research because not all data was available on the Internet or in our paper resources for the topics we tried to explore. You may click on any of the completed projects to view them.

1. Railroad Expansion –   Completed PowerPoint Project

  • Look at growth in Illinois for 150 years (Carbondale & Du Quoin)

  • Population – census data – people move with the railroad – exponential growth

  • Do regression curves on data

  • Train route maps

  • This topic was used by teacher for an example

2. Ben Franklin’s Will - Completed Student PowerPoint

  • Pictures of Franklin, Franklin Institute, Copy of will and codicil

  • Use Calculus textbook problem and information

  • Use 5% interest, go through 1994 (2nd 100 years).

  • See what happened to his money. Graphs of growth of funds.

3. Growth of technology over the years in USA

Completed Student PowerPoint

  • Number of telephones, televisions, computers, cars

  • Compare and graph rate of growth of each invention

4. Mean and Median of US Population from 1790

Completed Student PowerPoint

  • Try to plot points and do regression to do prediction

  • Explain median & mean for populations

  • US Census has all data with longitude and latitude

  • Pictures from LOC of locations listed, or events from the years listed.

  • Center of mass discussion, try to predict new locations from trends and regression curve

5. Diseases  - Completed Student PowerPoint

  • Spread of disease and growth rate

  • Find # infected data and try logistic or exponential equations

  • Photos of eras

  • Polio, Aids, Smallpox

6. Life Expectancy - Completed Student Video

  • Overall rate of growth – regression curve

  • Give data for 20th Century

  • Predict your expected life span

7. Investigate - Completed Student PowerPoint

  • Number of post offices in USA

  • Number of railroad stations

  • Number of schools or colleges

  • Analyze and predict